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Michael Jackson has been dealt another blow as he fights off child molestation charges - former pal Corey Feldman claims the pop star showed him nude pictures when he was a teen.

Sheen is one very sick motherfucker Lots of pedo attitudes here. Jordan carver naked porn. Where I sit, that's harm and, uh, I think the law agrees with me. Corey feldman nude. Sobriquet Member Mar 25, An ex-partner frames him for a burglary. Status Not open for further replies. AkuMifune Banned Mar 25, So when CS is around young actors, one can expect popped cherries?

I have no doubt that Haim and Feldman had difficult lives - they both clearly struggled with addiction. He does this every year doesn't he? Jason James see link in story below is another. Edit Storyline Megan, the seventeen year old daughter of a strict but wealthy businessman, falls for Rich who works at his ski resort. Sheroking Member Mar 25, R Quit your bitching Denise.

He wasn't plain gay, at least he didn't act this way. Dailymotion porn lesbian. Also while on the show she posed for Stuff magazine. He is an opportunist. And he never harmed any children in front of me. Corey Feldman looks haggard. Mad Season Banned Mar 25, During this time, Sprague attended junior high and high school in Corona, Californiaand graduated from Santiago High School in We don't know who it is but "family man" is the clincher.

Before he was a sadistic bastard, he was a gay pretty boy. That's why we have laws about statutory rape -- it is presumed that a younger person lacks the mental capacity to consent. One man who was arrested and convicted when two of his victims came forward. Officer 2 Rex Hagon A lighthearted tale about a gang of bank robbers who fall out and split up. You don't understand the toll that it takes, having to be friends with somebody like Michael Jackson, because you spend your whole life defending him.

In the case of Haim --NO. I think it was one of the producers, who did the fucking Also having met one of Pitt's former frat bros, and free from the conservative restrictions of home life he was known for his taste in wilder girls and getting the best weed, I was told he got his start in entertainment when he won a trip to NY to appear in an ad campaign. Beautiful nude women photography. Search Corey Feldman Forum Now.

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Sheen is an ogre; he takes what he wants from people. If the victims feel shame in the aftermath of this abuse, they may conflate the shame triggered by their sexual exploitation with their natural sexual development; hence the confusing and mistaken notion that experiencing abuse created or reinforced their sexual identity.

The way he presents it, "allowing himself to be sodomized" by Sheen? An older more street wise Charlie Sheen introduced teenaged Haim to drugs and he spent the rest of life being consumed by them. Girls with big juicy tits. I'd always assumed I was gay because I was molested.

Dude could pass for Charlie Sheen's brother. Sheen would fuck a squirrel if he were high enough, and I don't doubt that he's sucked a cock or two, but his life is also such a train wreck that if he had a string of underage male conquests in his past that news would have come out by now. Thread starter Mad Season Start date Mar 25, My BF was sexually abused by a man for 7 years of his childhood.

No one has presented any evidence that sexual abuse of underage actors is pervasive.

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And what was the real reason that Charlie got the role that was already Keanu's? Anyway, Haim was definitely not talking about anyone from the Lucas set that quote. Corey feldman nude. This account doesn't sound very traumatic.

Maybe Circus Circus in Vegas needs a trendy club and will open a Jumbo's there with some DJ you never heard of hosting. But he's not a pedophile in the sense that he's into prepubescent children. Tom Hanks' name came up a lot on that thread too. InCharlie would have just finished his best picture, Platoon. Hot sexy girls boobs. Tell me when this thread is updated: He is an opportunist. Megan, the seventeen year old daughter of a strict but wealthy businessman, falls for Rich who works at his ski resort.

It's really more likely that Feldman is holding back sordid facts than that he is making them up. A guy who is raped doesn't magically turn gay or bi because he was raped. This story is hot. I still love you. I think the key was in the interview Feldman gave to THR where he said two Hollywood moguls abused Haim but he wouldn't reveal their names. First I heard about Sheen and Haim it was something about a first blowjob on the set of Lucas.

Sheen is not a molester nor a 'mo.

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