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I watched most of Weeds during its run. Daniel henney naked. Even if it didn't have those scenes. Lesbian request denied gif. Blue is the Warmest Color thread: I was impersonating myself saying that to a friend with half way decent wifi. I felt so sorry for her. Last Jump to page: It seems in the TV show, she's treated rather poorly upon arrival, and eventually she begins to make friends and settle in.

Crazy Eyes appears out of nowhere and asks if Alex is bothering Piper. I got really excited when the next episodes kept popping up this morning. For House of Cards, I was dying to watch the next episode and I marathon it all in a few days. Log in or sign up in seconds. I couldn't resist watching the entire series. Girl ass gif. Ready for some more awwww? So Red had to allow a few bodies or body parts to be stored in their freezer. That woman can flinch like a pro!

I'm sticking with my initial assessment of her as a love-hate character, but a fantastic one overall. Reaaly great "cliffhangers" between episodes even though it was easy enough to just dial up the next one. I think she's making up for it pretty quickly, and she's at least up to normal for me.

I definitely think that's what they were implying. I hope you like it. Am I alone on this? It's addictive like hell and it feels great! Also never getting old, Piper's flinching. Maybe you can do 2 episode every 3 days.

I went through all 13 episodes in 2 days, that's how hooked I was. Piper is mortified to learn from Healy that Crazy Eyes put in a request for them to be roommates. I agree about her facial expressions but I guess I think it works for Alex.

I wish celebrities would write open letters to other celebrities more often.

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I think she's making up for it pretty quickly, and she's at least up to normal for me. Darla crane tits. I hated the Lost flashbacks, especially once the years went on. Piper asks Larry to do some digging to find out if Alex snitched on her. Nice review by the way Tim! And then Crazy Eyes peeps around the corner and you can see Piper making life decisions.

Could someone please help me out? Taylor Schilling is amazing as Piper. You must be logged in to post a comment. I don't think we need to worry. That cracked me up. I just finished watching the season yesterday and i'm going into withdrawal. He gave Sophia's wallet and all those credit cards a really long look. Curvy mature big tits. Lesbian request denied gif. There are some really big differences in the book and the show. I can't wait until next week because I want to talk about so much more than hasn't happened yet.

I loved how they handled the flashbacks, and it made me love, or at least understand, those wonderful characters. Ben45tpy has apparently already created a character poll there, but for some reason it's not working. Yeah, for extra supporting evidence see the open of the episode where pre-op Sophia as a fireman is digging through the possessions of those in the house she was firefighting in.

And you know how bitches get when they all up in their feelings! When he tries to turn it to dirty talk, Piper is appalled. It has been a really positive surprise, and definitely the best show by Netflix so far. For this show, its day 6 since I started and I am only in episode 5. This will result in an immediate ban.

She annoyed me in the first episode, but most people who are completely clueless annoy me. Going into the show, I really didn't like Laura Prepon. Sonal chauhan nude photos. I don't agree with anything you said except for the chicken bit.

I have a nasty little habit.

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I marathoned BSG, sort of 1 or 2 a day, anyway a few years back and when it was done I felt a bit cheated, and not by the show, but my exhibition of gluttony on the matter.

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